Learn more about 9g clay poker chips and where they are used

9g clay poker chips are professional grade poker chips that are perfectly and specifically designed to be exactly the same in style, texture, size and weight. Casinos pay a lot of money for the highest quality poker chips. These chips are custom made to have the design and look of that given casino. This is very important to all casinos; irrespective of their location.

9g clay poker chips are special because they are all uniform and they look terrific. This means that they are exactly the same size and weight and the design and decorations are perfect. Abnormal chips are usually a sign of counterfeiting and fake chips from Casinos; therefore the manufacturers must be precise in their manufacturing processes. There is a lot of money riding on the quality of the chips and the level of difficulty that is applied to eradicating counterfeit practices.

Along with the size and weight, the outer coating of the poker chips is also quite important because this will prevent the decal from coming off if it is fiddled or deliberately tampered with. With high quality manufactured chips when the decal is removed, the chip should be ruined beyond repair. Therefore 9g clay poker chips are either played with when they are in their original state or they are removed from play altogether. It is neither easy nor cheap to produce such high quality chips but they really are a necessity for Casinos. Casinos must be confident with the quality and preservation of their chips which means that they are willing to put a lot into them.

But do not despair. Just because you are not a Casino does not mean that you cannot have casino quality 9g clay poker chips too. These chips are usually cheaper to the public because they do not have to pass through such stringent security guidelines. They will generally be made out of the same materials and taken through the same production process. And of course if you really want to, you can customize them to your liking, even with your own brand.

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