Can’t beat free shipping, poker chips, and these other supplies

Free shipping, poker chips selection, poker accessories—you want to shop at a site that offers these benefits. Otherwise, you’re looking at a stiff shipping cost, and perhaps a site that doesn’t know what it’s doing. The second indication of a quality site is its poker chip selection. They should offer a wide range of different chips, from clay to clay composite, quality plastic pressed to the cheap beginners sets.

Clay chips by far are the classiest and costliest of all chips. Part of their allure comes from the celebrity. They are widely used in your favorite casinos across the country and around the world. They are durable and heavy, so they plop down on the table when you raise the stakes. They also are designed to stack well, and feel good when you’re fingering them before a big bet.

The next step down from pure clay chips is not that big of a step. In fact, besides price, you don’t lose much when you consider clay composite chips. Top-notch clay composite chips will have nearly the same organic feel and weight as pure clay chips. What’s more, they provide a better surface for graphics and designs, and they are easier to track for security. That’s two big reasons that some casinos and pros are switching to composite, and why you are likely to find a wide selection of them at sites that offer free shipping, poker chips, and other supplies.

Below clays and clay composites, you have the injection molded plastic chips. Some of these varieties are not half bad. They are relatively cheap when compared to the clay kinds. They still offer you the chance to have four-color designs and multicolor edges. And quality plastic chips have a rubbery hardness to them that makes them feel like there’s something to them.

Even if a site offers free shipping, poker chips, and such, you may not want to go below these high-quality plastic chips. Cheap chips, though they are low cost, don’t quite have the consistency of nicer chips. Unless you are looking for a complete bargain, it might be worth the investment in better supplies.

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