How to find discount holdem poker chip sets

Holdem poker chip sets abound on the Web, but how can you tell that you’re getting the chips that are right for you? You could shell out hundreds of dollars for fancy clay chips that you may not even really need. Or you could gamble a hundred or so on cheapo chips that you’ll need to replace in a couple months. The problem is almost tough enough to make you want to fold your hand and just play at the casino instead of at home.

Don’t give up just yet. Many retailers on the Internet offer quality chips at affordable prices. These may not be the deluxe clay kind, but they provide just what the average beginner and intermediate players need: cool looking, smooth feeling chips that are fun to stack.

These type of chips are not clay or “clay composite”, sure, but at the same time, you’re not spending a full week’s paycheck just to play poker once a month. (By the way, as for retailers that sell supposed clay or clay composite chips at a discount, be wary. These probably aren’t really clay.) High quality, midrange chips are what is called injection molded. These holdem poker chip sets are typically made of plastic. Good plastic chips feel rubbery, sort of like a hockey puck. Bad plastic chips, on the other hand, feel hard and thin.

Another of quality, mid-range chips are the graphics and colors on them. Good brands will have a four color design on them, as well as a four-color inlay. You should be able to get as many as eight denominations too, each with their own base color.

Since you may eventually decide that your game is good enough to use clay chips, keep your eyes open for sites that offer trade ins on holdem poker chip sets. Believe it or not, some sites will allow you to upgrade from plastic chips to more expensive clay or clay composite chips, without that great a loss of money.

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