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Online poker has launched poker to the big time. Sure, professional poker players would like to think that they have something to do with it. After all, you can see these pros make their moves and trounce their competition every week on cable entertainment and sports channels. Even famous celebrities have added their popularity to the game with their occasional match ups on television. But the truth of the matter can be seen in the numbers. Millions of people play poker on the Web every day.

That’s outstanding. The ease of logging onto the Internet and surfing to one of the dozens of poker sites is just too appealing. For many, it’s a hobby that’s supplanted television, that’s conquered e-mailing friends, and that’s even kept them up late on a work night with the energy and passion that only wagering money can muster. Believe it or not, top online players can even make a living off the sport, earning hundreds of thousands a year merely by playing cards on the Web.

Of course, when anything gets this popular and fun, there are some out there to ruin your fun. Scam artists abound the online poker scene, looking to steal your money through underhanded means rather than earning it from you through fair play on the table. One key to avoiding these hucksters is to choose your Web site wisely where you plan to play.

First, look for sites that don’t charge very much, or nothing at all, to play on their tables. This low or no cost should not be limited by any time duration. You should be able to play as long as you like as long as you ante in. Also look for sites that promise to keep your private and banking information private. This includes your e-mail address. You don’t want your inbox stuffed with spam merely because you played online poker last night.

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