Win the pot on poker accessories

You’ll need poker accesories, trust me. Poker is like any other hobby or sport. Once you get hooked, you’ll find yourself needing more and more different supplies. First, you need you own supply of fancy casino-grade cards, since the cheapos at the gas station won’t do anymore. Then you’ll need your own cache of chips. Next, you’ll need better quality chips, containers to carry the chips, tables to use the chips on, and so on and so on. Trust me. Before you get hooked, find a good Web site to buy all of these supplies at.

Once you do, consider the wealth of options that are before you. For cards alone, there are the cheap kind that you can find at any supermarket or gas station convenience store. These cards work well enough for the first few poker games. After only a short time, though, you’ll notice that these cheapos don’t wear so well. High-quality cards, like the kinds that casinos use, are designed to last. Plus, they are coated so they tend not to stick together, or aren’t slippery to the touch. These are both positives that may be worth the investment if you’re looking to take up poker playing full time.

When most people think poker accesories, they think chips. Chips are perhaps the most fun supply to shop for. Their sheer variety, vibrant colors, and cool designs make it so you can highly personalize your chip selection. Your main concern when buying chips should be the type, or consistency, of the chip. Top quality chips, and the most expensive, are made with 100 percent clay. Next down the line are clay composites, followed by plastic injected molded chips of cheaper and cheaper consistency until you arrive at the flimsy blue, red, and white chips you played with when you were five.

You’ll want to buy a chip case once you buy your chips. There is also a wide variety of chip storage units and cases out on the market. There are the standard clear plastic kind, which are used by many casinos despite their simplicity. For a touch of class, you can choose an aluminum briefcase-type carrying case if you go mobile with your chips often. Or for storing in your home, consider a wood finished case.

Whatever you choose, be sure to price check all your poker accesories.

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