Placing bets on buying poker chips

When poker chips are on your shopping list, it’s time to decide just how much you want to wager on these essential poker-playing accessories. There are many different places online to buy chips, and many different kinds of chips to select from. The way to win at this game is to know the top two types of chips on the market, and to know how to identify them.

Perhaps the top kind of chips on poker tables these days are clay chips. Top casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and everywhere in between rely on clay chips for their day to day betting. The top card parlors in the land only play with clay chips because the pros love the quality of them.

If you want this quality for your weekly poker parties, here are the essential things to look for in clay poker chips. First, there’s that sensation you get from touching clay chips. In part, of course, it’s fun to touch chips, because that means you’re winning. But in many respects, this feeling comes from that unique, soft, and comforting feel of clay. It’s almost as soft as touching your spouse’s hands.

Besides this clay consistency, you also want chips with a defined and prominent molding. It should shows symmetry all around the chip and catch your eye with the colors and artwork in the middle. The colors along the edges of the chips should also be appealing. For many players, it’s the edges of the chips that catch their eye, especially the higher you stack your chips.

Other facets good poker chips include suction inlay cavities, which help chips stay stacked no matter how hard the winner bangs on the table in celebration. They should also have texture and cross hatching on the inlay surface, to add even more life, sheen, and feel to the chips.

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