Don’t take a gamble on poker tables

Buying low quality poker tables is a good way to crap out with your poker playing buddies. Now that poker has become a nationwide phenomenon, or even fad, there are tons of accessories, cards, tables, and chips flooding the market. As with anything out there en masse, there are a lot of cheapos and otherwise poor quality simulations. This is doubly true with tables. A flimsy table can not only be an embarrassment when you have the fellas over for a few hands. It can actually wreck a game if it can’t withstand the constant wear and tear of a heated poker match.

Some of the finest tables on the market are designed as replicas of the Texas Hold’em tables you see on television or in the bigname casinos. You may not be able to clean the table like the pros you watch on television, but at least you can look like them when you’re playing for those dollar hands.

Such topnotch poker tables even come with hardy foot rails that not only leave somewhere to place your feet. They also provide extra support for the rest of the table. Quality foot rails come in one single piece that wraps all the way around the table.

Quality doesn’t have to mean its hard to construct either. The best tables on the market have table tops secured to a handful of sturdy base components, typically by one strong bolt. This means you can have the boys over to play the same night that the table comes in the mail.

When the guys arrive, one of the first things they will notice is the table top felt. There’s nothing like the feel of fine felt on your hands, forearms, and elbows. Part of the smooth thick feel is thanks to a layer of high-density foam that stretches underneath the felt on top poker tables. Part of the tingly sensation you’ll get will also come when you win your first big hand on your new table.

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