Are portable poker table tops better then a regular poker table?

Portable poker table tops do exactly what they sound like; they fold up and are completely portable so you can literally play poker anywhere at all. Poker night is not going to happen every night in most homes but it is a once a week event at most home across the United States. Getting a group of friends and family together to sit down and play poker is not the easiest thing in the world especially as not everyone has the right table for a game. Therefore, it is so convenient to have a table that you can set up and take down upon command.

Portable poker table tops can be just as high quality as permanent ones. The felt and the ease in which a player can set it up are the important features. A nice top with each player having ample elbow room, slots for chips and a drink holder is all you need. The portability of a table is just an added bonus.

Portable poker table tops come in all sizes – some are full size and some are a smaller version of the full size. Just because it is a table that is portable, durable and storable does not mean that it cannot be full size. In fact, there are poker tables available that comfortably fit 8-10 players in a Texas Holdem format. You do not sacrifice anything with a fold up portable table. In fact, you are just simply saving space for when you are not playing because you can fold it away and put it in the cupboard until next week.

There are different levels of portable poker table tops. The basic package is all people really need as it has the padded arm rest/bumper guards, the padded felt top, cup and chip holders and easy folding legs. The more advanced poker tables are slightly heavier and harder to transport. These are borderline permanent tables that have a folding feature. Ultimately it depends on your needs and how often you play.

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