The honest rundown on real poker chips being used today

Real poker chips come in all colors and designs, but most experts agree, they come in only one compound: clay. There’s something about clay that has the feel of the casino, and real gambling. Perhaps it’s because most casinos use clay chips on their tables. It could also be because clay chips are heavy and feel like they should be worth something. They aren’t slipper either. They’re smooth and soft, but they tend to grab hold of you hand as much as your hand grab holds of them.

High quality clay chips also come in bright colors for each denomination. Many retailers and wholesalers allow you to also customize which color matches which denomination. You can even customize the design in the chip’s inlay, whether you want some famous casino’s logo, your family crest, or your business logo on every chip. Top-notch chips will also have the alternating flecks of color on the edges of the chips, too. You know, the colored specks that you can line up when you stack starts towering over the table.

Some pro players, and even some casinos, use clay composite chips. So in many people’s books, there are real poker chips, too. The secret to their success is two-fold. First, composite chips allow casinos to put higher resolution logos, colors, and designs on the chips. The potential for intricate graphics and vivid color makes these chips valuable works of art. And more importantly for casinos, they can also keep track clay composite chips easier for obvious security reasons.

In many cases, you don’t have to sacrifice much of the feel and weight of old-fashioned clay chips with composites. The best of them also have that smooth, but not slippery, feel to them. And they don’t have a cheap, hollow feel to them that maybe mold injected plastic chips do. These real poker chips also cost a bit less then their clay cousins, so they make an affordable alternative for beginner and intermediate players.

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