A what’s what of wholesale poker supplies

Wholesale poker supplies are a dime a dozen on the Internet these days. That is, they don’t necessarily cost that little. There’s just so much of them on the Web to search through. It’s great because, in fact, the competition between vendors does drive down the prices on much of the poker equipment. Plus, the selection of stuff has grown dramatically in the last few years. Now you can find a wide selection of chips, tables, and cards. What’s more, you can find hard to locate specialty items.

Take KEM playing cards. They are the card of choice for most pros and casino managers alike. If you’ve been to best tables in AC or in Vegas, you probably have played with KEM without even known it. Just look for the Paisley design on the cards. Then you know you have some of the best cards in your hand. Now you can find KEM cards for your weekly poker battles with your buddies. There are on the Web, wholesale, and at a discount.

For your chips, wholesale dealers also have a wide selection of supplies to help organize and store them. You can find your standard clear plastic racks that most casinos have. These will protect your investment in fine clay chips, stacking and safeguarding 100 chips per rack.

If you’re looking for a rack that doubles as interior design look now farther than an varnished wood case. Many wholesale poker supplies sites have these fine wood pieces in mahogany, oak, or some other wood. Usually, these sets come with a bottom compartment, good for holding 400 chips, and a upper tray that can hold upwards of 200 chips.

To add to your action, you can also pick up the same dealer and blind buttons that you see the pros play with on television. These are the real deal devices that help you and your friends keep track of the game. There’s the white dealer button, the yellow blind button, and the purple little blind button. Look for these, and other accessories, at wholesale poker supplies stores around the Web.

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