Finding wholesale poker tables that are right for you

Wholesale poker tables bring the feel of the casino right into your lounge room for your weekly game of poker. Poker tables offer the look and feel of Vegas and you don’t even have to leave the house. Playing at the right poker table can bring so much to the game and some would argue can even bring you good luck and good fortune. When you are trying to play a game with 8-10 friends around the kitchen or dining room table it can get awkward and even uncomfortable for you and your friends.

The standard poker table is in octagon in shape and usually seats eight players, one on each side of the octagon shape. Each player has a specific and designated place to organize their chips and another separate area for their beverage. Everybody likes to have an ale, cocktail or soda while playing but if you don’t have a designated are for your drink a spillage is bound to occur. These cup holders will prevent anyone from spilling as they secure your drink firmly.

The top of wholesale poker tables is always made of green felt although at times they come in red, blue or black. A felt surface allows the cards to slide with some control upon the deal and allows the players to move cards and chips freely across the table. It is delicate enough so the cards will not be ruined and absorbent for those mishaps with drinks that no one can prepare for. Felt is just the best material for a card table.

There are many different types of wholesale poker tables. First, there are the table top versions. These are the ones that you just put right on top of your existing table in order to make it a poker table. Then, there are the folding tables. These are put up and taken down very easily. There are also combinations of the two. Permanent tables are less frequent because not too many of us have room in our homes to have a table up at all times. Its usefulness is limited because the top is so sensitive. But permanent tables are ideal for the serious poker player who wants to set up a designated poker area in their home for regular playing.

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